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Canadian Home Builders

In some cases, you might prefer not to buy a house, but only land, and build it. Furthermore, you can make your current house bigger, or even totally rebuild it (probably before selling).

Construction sector contains companies engaged in constructing, repairing and renovating buildings and engineering works, and in subdividing and developing the land.

Companies of the sector may operate on their own account or under contract to other companies. They may develop complete projects or producing some parts of it. Construction companies often subcontract some or all of the work involved. They may produce new construction or undertake repairs and renovations to the already existing ones.

Companies operating in the construction sector substantially differ in the types of equipment, labour force skills, and other characteristics.

For instance, companies involved in Construction of Buildings and Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction complete projects using their own labour force, by subcontracting, usually to trade contractors or a combination of own account and subcontracting activities.

Companies of the sector are known by a variety of designations that depend on the scope of the projects they undertake, the degree of responsibility and risk that they assume, the type of structure that they produce, and whether they work on contract for an owner or on their own account.

  • General contractors typically work under a contract and undertake projects that require more than one specialized construction activities to be performed.
  • Design-builders are similar to general contractors. However, design-builders are responsible for providing both the architectural and engineering designs in the project.
  • Construction companies that build on their own account with the aim to sell it to others are known as speculative builders, operative builders or merchant builders.
  • Construction managers provide oversight, planning and scheduling services to the owner during the actual construction process. This type of service is sometimes referred to as agency construction management.

Companies known as Specialty Trade Contractors are engaged in trade activities generally needed in the construction of buildings and structures, such as masonry, painting, or electrical work.

Requirements of today's building market push construction companies and builders of all types toward new structural, management and marketing solutions. Participants of Canadian construction market pay much attention to the presence in the Web. Their detailed and thoroughly considered profiles provide them with an excellent opportunity to promote their vision, their achievements and services.