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Canadian Real Estate Pros

Real estate agents assist in the process of buying and selling homes for their clients. Working through a broker, agents perform an essential service for both the buyer and seller by providing for the orderly transfer of the real estate.

Real estate agents help buyers to find the appropriate property that meets their needs and financial resources. They obtain property MLS listings and make preliminary estimates to determine the selling price of the property. To anticipate prospective buyers' questions, real agents must be thoroughly familiar with the physical condition, features, and special characteristics of the property as well as the availability of transportation, schools, and shopping. Once a buyer is found, agents prepare a purchase agreement. They may refer clients to lawyers and tax consultants to resolve legal and tax issues that may arise in sales transactions. Agents work with title or escrow companies, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control operators until the transaction is completed.

Real estate agents may specialize in selling apartment buildings, residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, or farm property. Particularly in the commercial field, they also become involved in leasing arrangements. Whatever the specialty, agents must have knowledge of all aspects unique to that type of property.

Real estate agents spend part of their working day in pleasant, well-lighted brokers' offices, but most of their time is spent outside the office, as they use their own car to transport prospective buyers to see property, put up "for sale" signs on property sites, contact leads, and visit new property.

Real estate agents are usually paid on a straight commission basis determined by agreement between the broker and the agent. Earnings will vary widely among agents because of the geographic area in which they work and the amount of time and energy put into the job.