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Historical Mortgage Rates in Canada

One of the most common arguments for buying or not buying a real estate property at the exact moment is the current change of mortgage rates. But what is the most interesting for you, it's current trend of the rates' change to understand the future development of this situation. That is why historical information about average interest rates can be useful for you.

Probably, it's a good idea to start with medium-length information:

Historical fixed mortgage rates in Canada for the last 5 years (discounted)

mortgage rates by:

For the right understanding of current trends, it's important to have a helicopter view. That can help you to find a current pattern in the past. This long-term information can help you to do that: Historical fixed mortgage rates in Canada for the last 10 years (discounted)

To have a closer look at the recent changes of rates, study historical fixed mortgage rates in Canada for the last 12 months. You always can read some analytical materials which sometimes really useful to find different approaches for foresee future changes of mortgage rates, but remember that any of them is just a point of view of another one author. That is why look at the original information by yourself and use your critical thinking to make a right decision.